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Drug trafficking is an extremely serious offense involving the intentional sale, purchase, manufacturing, delivery, possession or transport of an illicit drug. Florida has some of the nation’s most stringent drug laws due to the fact that the peninsula state is a prime target for individuals who are seeking to smuggle drugs into the country.

Drug Trafficking Smuggling Boat Cocaine
Drug Trafficking Smuggling Boat Cocaine

A Tampa drug trafficking conviction can carry a lengthy jail sentence, significant fines and immeasurable harm to your reputation, career, and life as a whole. For this reason, it’s extremely important to trust your case to an experienced legal professional who can provide an aggressive, strategic defense against drug trafficking charges. That’s precisely where your Attorney can assist.

Your lawyer should be  a former prosecutor-turned-defense lawyer who has been practicing law for decades. His experience as a prosecutor is key. Your attorney was with the Florida State Attorney’s Office, served as a narcotics prosecutor. He has also provided instruction to lawyers across Hillsborough County and throughout Florida.

Before he started winning in the courts, your Attorney  was winning in another arena – the tough world of professional auto racing teams and drivers. This professional won a championship and represented drivers at the highest levels of American motorsports. His time helped to instill an appreciation of a solid game plan and strategy and a love of winning. Now, as an attorney, he’ll prove his value by serving as the manager of your legal team.

The criminal justice system never sleeps, and so we are available to clients 24 hours a day, even providing a personal cell phone number for anyone who requires assistance with an urgent legal matter. It’s just one example of  commitment to clients like you.

If you or a loved one are under investigation or have been arrested for drug trafficking (or another drug-related violation, contact our law office and speak to a Tampa drug trafficking lawyer to schedule a confidential case evaluation. Call 813-933-6807.

Drug Cocaine Kilos
Drug Cocaine Kilos

Common Questions and Concerns on a Florida Drug Trafficking Case

A Tampa drug crimes lawyer routinely addresses his clients’ questions and concerns as they go through the legal system. The U.S. criminal justice system is quite complex, so it’s natural to have many questions.

By answering these questions and addressing any concerns, our legal team has found that clients experience less stress and worry. So we have compiled an overview of the most common questions and answers concerning a Florida drug trafficking arrest.

What’s the Difference Between a Drug Sale Charge and a Drug Trafficking Charge?

In a legal arena, terms such as “drug sale” or “drug distribution” generally refer to relatively small-scale operations whereby an individual is involved in the possession, transport, and sale of an illegal substance.

On the other hand, the term “drug trafficking” generally refers to larger, mass-scale drug distribution activities, including the import and transport of controlled substances. Specifically, Florida law refers to trafficking as the act of knowingly selling, purchasing, manufacturing, delivering or transporting drugs into the state. Being in “actual or constructive possession of” a large quantity of drugs also counts as trafficking, so you do not need to be caught selling or transporting a drug to encounter this charge.

Drug Helicopter DEA
Drug Helicopter DEA

Therefore, a trafficking offense tends to be more serious than a charge such as possession with intent to sell. In trafficking cases, the federal government also holds the power to intervene and prosecute for a violation of the Controlled Substances Act.

Florida’s trafficking threshold is different from substance to substance. The case typically must meet or exceed the minimum threshold to be considered trafficking.

Drug Trafficking Quantities Table

  • 25+ pounds of marijuana or 300+ cannabis plants;
  • 28+ grams of cocaine;
  • 4+ grams of morphine, opium, hydromorphone or derivative;
  • 14+ grams of hydrocodone;
  • 7+ grams of oxycodone;
  • 28+ grams of phencyclidine;
  • 200+ grams of methaqualone;
  • 14+ grams of amphetamine or methamphetamine
  • 1+ kilogram gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB)
  • 7+ grams of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)

Prescription Drug Trafficking Charges

There are some cases where trafficking charges may be filed against an individual who is in possession of a quantity of prescription opiate painkillers that are intended for personal use. For example, one gram is the equivalent weight to one paperclip, a stick of gum or a thumbtack. With this in mind, a relatively small number of pills can exceed the 7-gram threshold for a drug such as oxycodone.

What is the Severity and Possible Penalty Associated With Drug Trafficking in Florida?

In Florida, drug trafficking is typically prosecuted as a first-degree felony, which can carry a penalty of decades in prison. There are some offenses that can carry a life sentence, particularly cases involving multiple counts and/or offenses.

Seized Cocaine Drug Contraband Video

The quantity and type of drug that was allegedly involved in the trafficking activity will have a significant impact upon the potential sentence. For example, a Florida drug trafficking case involving anywhere from 25 pounds to 2,000 pounds of marijuana can carry a minimum three-year sentence, along with a fine of up to $25,000. If the amount is larger, between 2,000 pounds and 10,000 pounds, the minimum prison term jumps to seven years and a fine of up to $50,000.

Additionally, Florida law allows for “enhancements” in sentencing for individuals who are considered habitual offenders, with a record of prior drug crimes.

Hire a Drug Trafficking Lawyer to Oversee Your Drug Crimes Defense

An arrest on drug trafficking charges can be downright terrifying, as the penalties can be quite significant if convicted. There are some individuals who quite literally face a lifetime in jail – a prospect that can be understandably frightening and stressful.

If you are accused of trafficking or are under investigation in connection with a drug case, it’s generally best to contact an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. This will maximize your chances of seeing a favorable case conclusion. Our Attorney is widely known for his highly strategic and aggressive defense.

In addition to providing criminal defense representation to clients in Tampa, Brandon, Plant City, we can also offer a referral to a qualified treatment center for anyone who is struggling with a drug dependency issue.

Don’t risk spending years or even decades in prison, plus tens of thousands of dollars in fines. When your future and your freedom is on the line, turn to an experienced attorney who knows what it takes to win.

If you’re in search of a drug trafficking lawyer in the Tampa Bay area, contact our office to arrange a free, confidential case consultation. Call 813-933-6807.