Lawyer Aggressively Defending The Rights Of Those Accused of Drug Crimes

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Finding yourself accused of a drug crime can be terrifying, particularly in Florida, where drug offenses are prosecuted very harshly due to the fact that the state is a prime location for drug imports. A drug arrest can result in serious consequences, including jail time and hefty fines – even in the case of a first offense. While simple possession of a small amount of marijuana (20 grams or less) may be prosecuted as a first-degree misdemeanor, possession of many other drugs are prosecuted as third-degree felonies. Drug sales, manufacturing, and trafficking related charges can be prosecuted as an even more serious felony offense, particularly if the case involves an individual with a criminal record.

If you’re accused of drug possession or another drug crime in Tampa or the surrounding region, you need an experienced drug crimes lawyer working hard on your side. Your lawyer is a former prosecutor-turned-defense lawyer who has been practicing law for decades. He has also served in a key role in the Florida State Attorney’s Office as a narcotics prosecutor and former  DUI prosecutor. This experience has provided us with tremendous insight into the legal process for drug cases. He has also instructed lawyers enforcement officers across Hillsborough County and the state of Florida.

Sometimes Cases Involving Drugs Trafficking in Methamphetamine & Operating a Drug House are Dismissed. An attorney filed Motion to Suppress. Court found that Law Enforcements knock and request to search was not sufficient. Law Enforcement should have inquired further into whether the person who answered the door had the authority to grant entrance and allow a search. Subsequent permission, while in the home from true homeowner, did not correct this deficit.

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Common Questions and Concerns Following a Drug Arrest in Florida

As a top Tampa criminal defense attorney, we will address many different concerns and questions with clients who are charged with drug possession, drug sales, trafficking, and manufacturing. To help alleviate some of your concerns, our legal team has compiled an overview of the most common questions and answers following an arrest for a drug crime.

What Does the Prosecutor Need to Prove to Get a Conviction?

[Image: Tampa Drug Crimes Lawyer] To get a conviction for drug possession, the prosecutor must present evidence and testimony for a few different points. First and foremost, they must present that the substance involved is, in fact, a controlled substance under Florida law. This is usually proven using scientific analysis of the substance.

The prosecutor also typically needs to offer evidence that the defendant knew or ought to have known of the drug’s illicit nature and its presence. Additionally, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant had control over the substance and the location where the drug was found.

Cases involving possession with intent to sell usually involve the additional element of proving the individual’s intentions to sell the drug. This can be evidenced by the packaging of the drug (i.e. lots of small bags), excessively large amounts of an illicit drug and possession of large sums of money.

There are many potential defenses to drug charges, ranging from lack of knowledge that a substance is a controlled substance, to entrapment or an unlawful search and seizure. Your lawyer will work with you to determine the best strategy for your unique circumstances.

Will I Have to Go to Jail for a Drug Crime?

The penalty for a drug crime varies depending upon a number of factors such as:

  1. Your criminal record;
  2. Whether you have prior drug charge convictions on your record;
  3. The type and amount of the drug involved;
  4. Whether you were in possession or are believed to have had intent to sell; and
  5. Whether there is any element of violence or other criminal elements involved in your case.

For some cases, you could face jail time, fines and other penalties, such as enrollment in a court-ordered program.

Pretrial Intervention and Drug Court

In many cases involving first-time, non-violent offenders who do not have a prior criminal record, the State Attorney’s Office may offer a pre-trial diversion program. Once enrolled, you must check in monthly with a supervising officer, complete community service, undergo random drug screening and avoid any new criminal charges. If the individual completes the program successfully, authorities typically drop the charges, so there is no criminal conviction.

Are drug charges considered violent crimes in Tampa?


In Tampa, are drug crimes federal or state?

There are federal and state laws that regulate drugs.

What constitutes a felony drug charge in Tampa?

The possession of a certain type of narcotic. Basically possession of almost anything other than marijuana. Sale and delivery are felonies as well as possession with intent to sell.

In Tampa, what are the differences between drug trafficking vs. possession with intent?

Usually the amount. An example, 28 grams of cocaine is trafficking, no intent is needed, just the mere fact that you possessed 28 grams of cocaine makes you a trafficker. If you had 14 grams of cocaine, the strong inference would be that you intend to sell some of that and you would be charged with possession with intent to sell or deliver.

How does a Tampa criminal defense attorney fight a drug possession charge?

Knowledge of the illicit nature of the substance and having control and dominion of the substance are essential elements and would be prime areas to mount a defense.

When should I hire a Tampa criminal defense attorney if arrested on drug charges?

As soon as you are arrested.

In Hillsborough County, what are the potential consequences of a conviction?

Loss of constitutional rights, difficulty to be hired, loss of your driver’s license.

Hire a Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer to Handle Your Case [Image: Tampa Drug Crimes Lawyer] A drug arrest can be embarrassing and worrisome, particularly if you’re struggling with a substance abuse issue. Some are occasional, recreational users and others still are wrongly accused of a drug-related offense. Whatever the case, you have a right to a strong defense and a fair trial, assuming your case progresses to this stage. You Attorney  is often successful in resolving cases prior to the trial phase. This can include negotiating a plea agreement, a downgrade in the charges or securing a total dismissal of the charges.

Your Attorney is well known for his strategic, aggressive defense services for drug crimes defendants in Tampa, Brandon, Plant City and the surrounding region. If you are struggling with a substance dependency issue, he can also offer a referral to a qualified treatment resource.

A drug conviction can result in serious consequences, including the loss of your career, financial troubles, a jail sentence, hefty fines, challenges getting a college education and harm to your reputation. Don’t trust your defense to just anyone! Turn to one of the most experienced attorneys in the region.

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