Plant City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Have you or a loved one found yourself the target of a police investigation? Whether you’re under investigation for a drug crime, a DUI, an act of grand theft or another crime, you stand to lose more than your freedom! A criminal case can result in damage to your career, your reputation, and your family. A conviction can prevent you from landing a new job, renting a new home or attending university.

With so much on the line, you need an experienced Plant City criminal defense lawyer to launch a highly strategic and aggressive defense that will maximize your chances of seeing a favorable and prompt case conclusion. This is precisely when Tampa area clients turn to us.

As a former prosecutor, your Attorney has been practicing law for over 20 years. Your lawyer was a prosecutor at the Plant City Courthouse. Prior to becoming an attorney and racking up wins in the courtroom, he was racking up wins on the racetrack. A talented race team manager enjoyed a career leading professional race drivers to championships, racing in Outlaw Sprints cars and at the highest levels of American stock car racing.

His experiences in motorsports cultivated a love of the win and a firm appreciation for the importance of teamwork. Today, your lawyer can be the crew chief for your team, defending clients from a variety of different criminal charges.

Criminal cases can unfold at any time of the day or night, so your Attorney ensures that he is always available by phone. He also maintains partnerships with a range of experts and professionals, including private investigators, forensics experts, scientists, and psychologists.

If you’re under investigation by police or have been arrested for a crime, turn to an experienced, well-respected Plant City defense lawyer. Contact our office to arrange a free, confidential case consultation by calling 813-933-6807.

Plant City Florida Criminal Courthouse
Plant City Florida Criminal Courthouse

Common Questions and Concerns if You’re Under Arrest or Under Investigation for a Crime FAQ

Whether you’re totally new to the criminal justice system or have a bit more experience in this area, it’s natural to be worried and stressed about your legal troubles. After all, criminal charges can impact your job, your finances, your family and your reputation within the community.

As a respected Plant City criminal defense attorney, your lawyer receives many questions from clients, so his legal team has compiled a few of the more common questions that can arise following an arrest or during a criminal investigation.

What Types of Criminal Cases Can You Defend?

Over the course of his career, your Attorney worked on thousands of cases, and hundreds of criminal trials. Some of the most common crimes include:

  • Drug crimes like drug possession, sale or trafficking;
  • Driving under the influence (DUI);
  • Boating under the influence (BUI);
  • Grand theft and shoplifting;
  • Trespassing;
  • Assault and battery;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Prostitution and solicitation;
  • Juvenile crimes; and
  • Violation of parole or probation (VOP).

The firm accepts cases involving many offenses, including minor misdemeanors and serious violent crimes and felonies, which hold the potential to transform a defendant’s life in some very profound ways.

Will I Be Sentenced to Jail or Prison?

[Image: Plant City Criminal Defense Lawyer] “Will I go to jail?” is one of the most common worries amongst those who are facing criminal charges. While nobody can predict the future, trusting your case to a top Plant City lawyer will greatly maximize your chances of a favorable resolution.

An experienced lawyer can often help you avoid serving time in prison or jail. The battle often begins shortly after arrest, as your lawyer strives to arrange your release on bail/bond. Once you’re free from police custody, your defense attorney will work hard to maintain your freedom.

In many cases, your attorney can negotiate a plea bargain, while in other cases, they can negotiate with the prosecutor to secure a downgrade to a less serious charge or a full dismissal. Even a “guilty” plea or a conviction does not necessarily result in a jail or prison sentence.

The courts will consider many factors including your criminal history, the potential impact of your incarceration (i.e. your family may suffer), the nature and circumstances of the crime, along with any mitigating circumstances that could justify a milder sentence. In addition to incarceration, the courts can also order another type of sentence, including fines, probation, house arrest, electronic monitoring, community service and treatment program enrollment.

Do I Really Need a Defense Lawyer?

Very few individuals are equipped to handle their own defense and generally, public defenders do not provide the same personalized level of service that you would see with a privately hired defense lawyer.

It’s typically best to hire a lawyer as soon as you realize you’re the subject of a police investigation or immediately upon being arrested. The sooner your attorney gets involved in your defense, the better the outcome of your case.

Additionally, it’s usually wise to avoid attending a police interview without an attorney present. Many individuals – especially people who are actually innocent – assume that they can stop by the police station, provide a quick interview and clear up the confusion. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, and their words can be misconstrued or taken out of context in a manner that bolsters the prosecution’s case.

Therefore, it’s beneficial to hire an attorney as soon as possible after learning of a pending criminal case or immediately following your arrest in cases where there is no investigation period (such as a DUI case.)

How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Defense Lawyer?

Every case is unique, so legal fees tend to vary quite significantly. Your attorney is charging you for his time and effort, so it all depends on how much time and effort are required to bring about a favorable resolution.

Expenses may be relatively minimal for a case that is resolved quickly, whereas other cases are long and drawn out over the course of months or even years. These cases can be associated with a lot more time and effort, resulting in significant legal expenses. Due to the degree of variation, it’s best to speak with a lawyer concerning the specifics in your case. This will result in a more accurate idea of legal costs.

Hire a Top Plant City Defense Lawyer to Represent Your Criminal Case

[Image: Plant City Criminal Defense Lawyer] When you turn to us, you benefit from his professionalism, commitment and his many years of experience in the legal field.

A former Plant City prosecutor, your Attorney has been in practice as a defense attorney for decades. As a former prosecutor-turned-defense lawyer, he has gained lots of useful insight into what it takes to maximize your chances of seeing a favorable case conclusion.

In addition to serving as a former DUI and narcotics prosecutor a for the Florida State Attorney’s Office, your lawyer has also instructed lawyers across Hillsborough County and throughout the state of Florida.

If you’re in search of a top Plant City defense lawyer to represent your case, contact our office to schedule a confidential case consultation. Call 813-933-6807.